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You can install widget by simply generating HTML code and pasting it in your website. Currently we provide two kind of widgets:

Free Weather Widgets

All widgets are free and easy to embed in your HTML websites. Widgets work with standard HTML5 and CSS browsers ranging from mobile devices to desktop and Signages, serving as free weather plugin for any website. However in order to pay the bills, we are always trying different monitization methods. Rest assured we make sure they won't destroy the experience of widgets.

Premium Widget Widgets

However usages like signages, or some website you might want to use ad-free experience. We do provite support for premium widgets.

You can contact us, and request instructions on how to install a Premium widgets.

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Latest News

President Biden Announces Support For New Protections Including Sacred Indian Site

A huge portion of Nevada wilderness could be designated as a national monument, President Joe Biden hinted at the White House Tribal Nations Summit. [Read more]
less than an hour ago

Mother, Son Killed When Tree Falls On Alabama Home; Storms Damage Homes In Louisiana, Mississippi

At least two people are dead, several injured and homes heavily damaged as a string of tornadoes and storms ripped across the South overnight. Most of the damage is in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. [Read more]
less than an hour ago

Southern Severe Weather: At Least Two People Dead, Multiple Tornadoes Reported

At least two have died in a severe weather outbreak that hit the southern U.S. Trees are down on homes and there are reports of other damage as tornadoes and storms ripped across parts of the south Tuesday. [Read more]
less than an hour ago

U.S. Fines Six Airlines $7 Million Over Slow Refunds

Six airlines, including Frontier, have been ordered to pay more than $7 million in fines and refund $600 million to customers whose flights were canceled or delayed. [Read more]
7 hours ago

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano: What Is Pele’s Hair?

The USGS had an important warning for people on Hawaii’s Big Island when Mauna Loa volcano began erupting Sunday: Watch out for Pele’s hair. [Read more]
13 hours ago

200 Evacuated After Ice Sheet Breaks Free In Minnesota Lake

A group of ice fishermen was stranded in a Minnesota lake Monday after the ice sheet they were on broke free from the shoreline. [Read more]
2 days ago

Mauna Loa Eruption: Residents Warned To Remain Alert

Mauna Loa volcano continued to erupt Monday, as evacuation shelters opened for residents who chose to leave their homes and some flights to Hawaii’s Big Island were canceled. [Read more]
2 days ago

Boil Water Notice In Houston Lifted Tuesday

A boil water notice for more than 2 million residents of Houston that had been in place since Sunday night was lifted on Tuesday. [Read more]
2 days ago

E-Bike Batteries Blamed For 200 Fires In New York City

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can spark dangerous fires, especially if damaged or defective. Six deaths have been linked to the battery fires. [Read more]
2 days ago

Hawaii Resident Describes Mauna Loa Eruption

One resident describes what the Mauna Loa eruption looks like. “There’s an energy in the air that’s very, not scary, just powerful. You feel life,” Shantell Walker Otare says. [Read more]
2 days ago

Hawaii's Mauna Loa Volcano Erupts; No Danger To Residents Yet

For the first time in nearly four decades, Mauna Loa erupted on the Big Island of Hawaii. [Read more]
3 days ago

Big Island Gets Big Warning About Hawaii Volcano Activity

Increased activity at the summit of the world’s largest active volcano has scientists and residents on the Big Island of Hawaii on alert. [Read more]
3 days ago

Houston Under Boil Water Notice Until At Least Tuesday

Water pressure at a Houston water purification plant dropped below the state’s minimum required levels Sunday morning, leaving more than 2 million residents under a boil water notice. [Read more]
3 days ago

Small Plane Crashes Into Power Lines, Leads To 7-Hour Rescue In Maryland

A small plane crashed into a power transmission tower in Maryland Sunday evening, leaving the pilot and passengers suspended roughly 100 feet off the ground during a seven-hour rescue mission. [Read more]
3 days ago

Death Toll Rises In Indonesia Earthquake

More than160 people are dead and scores of others injured after an earthquake in Indonesia. Residents filled streets and hospitals, and some were buried in debris. [Read more]
3 days ago

Our story

Weather for us was born out of our frustration with crappy existing plugins, complex installations, and garbage mid-evil designs. Even well-known weather providers were presenting accurate weather data with hogwash looks. Hence weather for us was conceived with a luster design and human simplicity!

Weather for us provides pure HTML weather widget for modern website for free. Using our blazing fast CDN, and geolocation technologies we locate your visitors, and serve them an exquisite weather experience.

More features include:

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